Biting Nails And How To Stop Today

Biting Nails Stop Today

Biting nails getting you down?

It is generally seen that nail biting is the result of stress, worries and boredom. There are many who unconsciously start biting nails. And nail biting is perhaps one of the most common habits present in this world. As much as forty four percent of adolescents are habituated of biting their nails. About 30% of the children between 7 and 10 and about 25% of the young adults are habituated of biting nails.

It is generally seen that males are more prone to nail biting than females. And to make it soft for people engaged in biting nails, it is found out that people with higher intelligence levels are more prone to biting. It might be because of higher level of stress and higher level of responsibility that is associated with higher intelligence.

When it comes to stop biting nails, it is easier said than done. It requires a lot of effort to break this habit. It would take time and patience to stop nail biting. Let us have a look at some of the suggestions that might help you biting your nails.

Suggestions on how to stop biting nails

Have emery board or have nail clippers wherever you go.

You can go for nail creams that taste very bitter and help stop nail biting.

It is also better to wear gloves and bandages to stop biting nails.

You can have a rubber band attached to your wrist to let you remind that you have to stop biting.

Your family members and friends should always remind you whenever they see your fingers in your mouth.

Many feel that biting your nails is perhaps the most innocuous amongst the so called bad habits. Most of the children and even adults have the habit of nail biting but biting should never be taken lightly. It has grave results.

Have you ever thought what the function of your nails is? Well, it has to protect your fingertips. It helps you to pick up small things and yes, how can we forget its function to relive itching. Now think about the situation when you do not have those nails to help you out.

What is more, when you bite your nails you are actually breaking your skin and that becomes an entry point for germs. If you have seen any compulsive nail biting person you would find that they engage in so much so that they actually bleed the finger nails. And that is a sure shot way of getting infections.

Any expert would tell you that germs reside under your fingernails and biting nails results in the transfer of those germs from your nails to your mouth. And if that is not enough, try to visualize all the things you touched all through the day and now think about all those getting an entry into the mouth. Yes, I am talking about your smelly socks, slimy creatures for your lab work and what not?

You can use special nail polish that tastes very awful and that would help you stop nail biting. It tastes so bitter that you won’t put your fingers again in your mouth.

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