How To Stop Biting Your Nails-Does A Nail Biting Cure Really Exist?

How to stop biting your nailsHas not knowing how to stop biting your nails left your hands a mess?

You wonder if it is even possible for you to ever grow them out at this point. We all know that it’s a very disgusting habit, and swear that we are never going to bite our nails again.. Next thing you know, our fingers are right back in our mouths!

Nail biting can be an extremely tough habit to break. I know from experience, I use to bite my nails so short that they would actually bleed. My finger tips would be painfully sore, not to mention they looked absolutely horrible.

Working as a receptionist, I used my fingers quite a bit for typing, filing, writing etc. I was very self conscious of my fingernails, always wondering what clients might be thinking once they noticed my nails.

Being embarrassed wasn’t enough to stop me from biting them, though. Heck, it wasn’t even enough to slow me down.

I was reading through a magazine not too long ago, and there was a whole page aimed at nail biters. The title read “How To Stop Biting Your Nails” and the article discussed the germ factor.

It said that people who bite their nails get sick twice as much as people who didn’t. They actually compared nail biting to putting money in your mouth, or licking a door handle!

Strangely enough the thought of putting money in my mouth, or licking a door handle absolutely disgusted me. Nail biting on the other hand, didn’t.

The magazine was promoting a polish, that claimed to help you stop your nail biting forever! Of course, I ordered it in hopes of it being a true nail biting cure, but it wasn’t.

In fact, it almost seemed to make things worse. I would bite, scrape, and gnaw until the polish was completely gone.

Fake nails didn’t do the trick either. No, I didn’t bite the fake one’s, but the minute one came off, the glue was all mine for the scraping!

I felt like I was never going to be able to grow my nails out, like I was always going to have these ugly little nubs, instead of nice, long, hard, shiny nails.

My cousin told me about a trick she used to stop biting her nails. She said to use a fingernail file. The old fashion emery board style, so that you can have plenty of them laying around in every room your in. Of course, the idea here is to file instead of bite.

Keeping fingernail files on hand did seem to help some, but not enough to be a cure. Every time I felt like chewing on my nails, I would reach for a nail file instead. Trying to replace the bad habit with a good habit. This was a better solution for me than the polish was, and no where near as expensive.

Believe or not, I would go for days without biting my nails. I would actually start seeing a real finger nail, then the minute I wasn’t near a file.. I’d bit them all off. Then I would have to start the nail filing process all over again!

However, just because this didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Several of my family members were able to use this regimen as a nail biting cure! You should at least give it a try, you might have more will power than I do.

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Thanks to a great website that I have found, I no longer bite my nails. Turns out there is more behind biting your nails than you may think.

For those of you that have tried every solution there is, and feel like you may need more help than most.. I want to share with you the true nail biting cure. You may want to use the same easy method that I did, to learn how to stop biting your nails once and for all.

I now have long, thick, beautiful nails that hardly ever break. I didn’t accomplish this through a polish, cream, fake nails, or fingernail files though. I needed something more effective, and much more powerful than the obvious. Click here now to learn more!

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