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Nail Biting - Stop NowThere is very little choice when it comes to nail biting cures.  And even what there is, seldom works without a great deal of commitment and persistence. Persons who bite their nails know this frustration.

There may be a few persons who have quit by sheer will power, But, very few.  It is feels like it is nearly impossible. Others try acrylic nails, bad tasting potions on the nails, tape, mittens, and hypnosis.  Some success for a few.  But, for the most, little or no success.

For most people, biting nail is an automatic response.  But, to what stimuli?  It is so difficult to find your triggers.  Stress, boredom, excitement, all of the above.  None of the above?

The common nail biting cures don’t work for very long, if at all, for most people.  And every failed attempt just adds to the stress most chewing teenagers, or adults for that matter, are feeling.  The stigma attached to nail biting is very hard to live with.  Too many people just don’t understand, they think it should be fairly easy to stop.

My daughter, Jane, was a nail biter, and I suffered with her all those years.  She carefully tried everything we could find.  Some nail biting remedies worked for a short time.  Nothing was permanent.

Nail biting is an affliction

Affliction is defined as a condition causing pain, and distress.  That is certainly nail biting.  Habit is defined as an unconscious reoccurring pattern. It is that, but the definition is too mild. The pain of biting nails is not just physical, it is psychological as well.

Now you can stand up and cheer!  My daughter and I certainly did after we found Alex Rankin and his remarkable secrets to stop nail biting.  He changed my daughters life, completely.  And all for the better!

After being afflicted for 21 years, Alex found freedom.  He helped Jane become chew free, and did it very quickly. And that was 2 years ago! Alex has “been there, done that”, and he will explain it all to anyone who wants to listen.  He found the cure for our Jane’s nail biting!  Here is Alex’s Stop Nail Biting Secrets

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Jessa Wright, now retired, spent the last 12 years of her working career in the Home Health Care Industry.

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