How To Help Your Children Stop Nail Biting: Help your Children Break this Bad Habit

Product DescriptionAll parents worry about their children’s bad habits. Nailbiting, although not one of the worst things a child can do by any means, can be unattractive, annoying, and damage…Written by experts in the field, Quick Easy Guides share little-known trade secrets and helpful hints to get you moving in the right direction.Quick Easy Guides […]

Zeva No Bite – Stop Nail Biting Formula Nail Treatment .5 Fl Oz / 15 Ml

Non-toxic nail polish with Bitrex, a bitter flavor to help stop nail biting Safe and effective Discourages nail biters and helps to break a fingernail biting habit Quick and easy to apply Contains no formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate for healthy nail care Zeva No Bite Product Description A non-toxic nail polish that is specifically […]

Stop Nail Biting, A Guaranteed Remedy!


There is very little choice when it comes to nail biting cures.  And even what there is, seldom works without a great deal of commitment and persistence. Persons who bite their nails know this frustration. There may be a few persons who have quit by sheer will power, But, very few.  It is feels like […]

How To Stop Biting Your Nails-Does A Nail Biting Cure Really Exist?


Has not knowing how to stop biting your nails left your hands a mess? You wonder if it is even possible for you to ever grow them out at this point. We all know that it’s a very disgusting habit, and swear that we are never going to bite our nails again.. Next thing you […]

Biting Finger Nails, 5 Potent Ways to Stop

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Biting finger nails – you can stop! Onychophagia, generally known as nail biting is a very common problem. This is a compulsive disorder, occurring to nearly half the population of the earth and it is most frequent amongst children and teenagers. It has a variety of root causes and the best way to cure this […]

Biting your nails – How to stop in 3 steps

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Biting your nails – stop with these three steps Nail biting is a habit that many people have. Usually it starts in infancy, between the ages of 4 and 10, but some people carry this habit on into adulthood. This habit is sometimes due to worry, anxiousness, stress or boredom. Regardless of what the reason […]

Nail Biting – The Constant Problem

Nail Biting a Constant Problem?

Nail biting a constant problem? Nail biting is a habit where a person usually bites their fingernails or toenails. This may be because a person is feeling bored, nervous, stressed or he/she may be hungry. The reasons are varied. Excessive nail biting can be a sign of mental or emotional disorder. This habit can be […]

Biting Nails And How To Stop Today

Biting Nails - Stop Today

Biting nails getting you down? It is generally seen that nail biting is the result of stress, worries and boredom. There are many who unconsciously start biting nails. And nail biting is perhaps one of the most common habits present in this world. As much as forty four percent of adolescents are habituated of biting […]