According to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, nail biting is a symptom of oral fixation. The medical term for nail biting is chronic onychophagia. It is observed in nearly all stages of life, but is more common amongst younger males. Nail biting often happens because of two reasons. Some nail biters do it automatically, as if they are in some kind of altered state and unconscious about what they are doing, like when they are immersed in some other activity. Others do it habitually and they will frequently interrupt other activities to engage in it.

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There are ways on how to stop nail biting habits. But first, keep in mind that nail biting satisfies an urge. It has some kind of soothing effect on people who feel stressed out or anxious. Thus, one important way in which you could stop this habit is to reduce stresses and manage anxiety.

Also remember that nail biting is all in your mind. It is part of the subconscious, as stated in the Freudian theory. You bite your nails for a reason. You have to discover that subconscious reason for biting your nails in order to know how to stop the habit. However, remember that old habits are hard to break. Do not be frustrated at your self if you fail to stop nail biting right away. Find the right system to help you stop and follow it. Getting support from your family and friends is also a great strategy to stop the nail biting habit.

Moreover, don’t break one habit by starting another. Be careful not to engage in a different compulsion which is as bad as biting nails in order to stop this one.

Nail biting or onychophagia is a symptom of oral fixation. It is rooted to our subconscious mind, as our brain does things that help us avoid pain and gain pleasure. Reconditioning the automated responses that cause us to bite our nails is the key to stopping the nail biting habit permanently.

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